Searching for Free Images

The major search engines provide a way to find images that can legally be used free of charge. The search engines identify images published on websites that are licensed under a Creative Commons license. They then provide a filter that filters the images by type of license, in the case of Google their default search…
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9th November 2017 0

Copyright Registration

Copyright exists as soon as an image is created and this copyright belongs to the author, either the photographer or the designer of the image. The copyright owner can enforce their rights against anyone infringing their copyright but they are often unable to claim statutory damages in jurisdictions that allow such damages to be claimed…
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16th October 2017 0

Free Images – Do They Exist?

There are very few images that don’t have a copyright owner and they are normally very old images where the copyright has expired, bear in mind that copyright last for the lifetime of the owner plus 70 years in most jurisdictions and you will see why. A few authors dedicate their images to the public…
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6th August 2017 0

Marketing Your Images

Ok so you have taken some great pictures but how do you go about marketing them? Well we are always happy to look at buying your images or spare stock through our website but you may well want to remain as the owner of at least some of your images so the established way…
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26th July 2017 0