RM Media LTD was born in 2016 with the merger of multiple micro-stock photography companies and a marketing company with 40 years of experience helping some of the United Kingdom’s largest retailers.

Its current products and services reflect the long legacy upon which it was built as well as an eye towards the rapidly changing future of online marketing.

It is one of the world’s largest providers of highly useful stock photography images and graphic elements. Its diverse portfolio of photos and images are used by publishers, media companies and designers everyday. Its clients range from leading publishers, such as The Wall Street Journal, to amateur bloggers.

RM Media’s licensing can encompass everything from a single image to vast libraries which can meet the most demanding publishing challenges.

RM Media’s ImageCreator (http://www.imagecreator.co.uk) software has made it a leader in the instant image creation industry. This rapidly growing segment of image distribution allows publishers to quickly craft precisely targeted images that meet their content needs while not exceeding their budgets or blowing their deadlines. The ImageCreator software allows publishers to leverage some of RM Media’s most popular images to present its readers with the perfect image exactly matched to the subject matter.

RM Media also provides consulting and brand analysis reports to many of the EU’s leading companies.